We Get Results

Our groups create unique opportunities for participants to experience mindfulness in a format that does not place unneeded pressure upon the participant. We do this by embracing the qualities of mindfulness, and focusing more on being rather than doing.


Results of our approach have included enthusiasm and engagement from young people who typically do not have such qualities associated with their behaviors.


At the end of a series of our groups, it is common for youth participants to repeatedly express a desire for the groups to continue. And participant’s peers, who have not been directly involved in the groups, often inquire about how they can become involved in future groups.

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To learn more about Mindful Youth or to discuss the opportunity to have Mindful Youth bring our program to young people, please contact us at 513.550.0776, or by email.

Meeting Many Needs

Mindfulness Training Groups

Individual & Group Therapy

Training Youth Providers

Mindfulness Training for Organizations

Mindfulness Training Group at YouthBuild in Northern Kentucky.

Group of students learning that feelings come full circle by using a boomerang meditation.

Learning how to feel where a feeling is, at Happen, Inc.

Young people playing slo-mo hokey-pokey to build body awareness.

Playing slo-mo hokey-pokey to build body awareness.

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