John Orr received his bachelor's degree and his master's degree from Xavier University. John is currently licensed by the State of Ohio as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).



Outside of his work with Mindful Youth, John has served at-risk populations at St. Joseph Orphanage–Altercrest, where he focused upon enhancing programming and clinical care by incorporating mindfulness – the results being inspiring and amazing.


In addition, he has received training from expert sources to develop practical and effective strategies for teaching mindfulness to children, adolescents and the adults in their lives. John has conducted programs at Hamilton County Juvenile Court Youth

Center, YouthBuild in Northern Kentucky, the Hamilton County ESC Learning Center at North

Norwood, and Happen Inc.


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If you would like to contact John, you can reach him at 513.550.0776, or by email.


Mindful Youth Founder, John Orr

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2003. After seeing the benefits of the practice in my own life, I began to share what I knew with others, and wanted to continue to do so with anyone who was interested.


While I explored the path of mindfulness, my best friend of 23 years continued down a more destructive path that ended in his death at the young age 26. Profoundly impacted by the loss of my closest friend, I felt I could no longer ignore the problems of this world.


In 2007, I began working in a professional capacity to have a positive impact on the group that was most at need – at-risk youth.


I remain driven by a sense that, with the right set of tools, I might assist youth in choosing a path that is different from the one my friend experienced.

John Orr MA LPCC

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